Construction and Warranty

- Custom Cabinet Doors
- Five-Piece Raised Panel Cabinet Doors
- Miter Corner Cabinet Doors
- Entry Doors with Leaded Glass
- Interior Doors
- Transoms
- Sidelites
- Louvered Doors
- CNC Machine Parts
- Molding
- Arch Molding, Case, Base, Crown, etc.
- Custom Made Entries

We also manufacture sturdy, economical one-piece raised panel MDF doors.

Foam spacers are custom installed to conform to natural expansion / contraction.

CNC machined parts are made on a CNC overhead router to meet the exact specifications.

Door Construction:

Stile to rail joints are mortise and tenon 1-3/4" thick, doweled and glued with marine rated glue.

Doors are available with raised wood panels or glass. Panels are 1-3/8" thick inset to 1/2" groove in molded stiles and rails with 3/8" thick panel tongue. All wide panels are edge glued with marine rated glue. Clearance between panel edge and stiles and rails of 1/8" due to normal wood expansion.

Special Orders:

Special sizes, designs, etc. are available upon request

All Orders:

Are non-cancelable due to the custom nature of our business

Warranty Voided If:

1. Lack of protection of exterior doors from direct sunlight or rain under normal circumstances.

2. Any exterior door with raised panels wider than 14" due to the normal contraction and expansion across the grain of wide boards.

3. Any exterior door wider than 36" or taller than 84"

Reserved Right:

We reserve the right to change leaded glass designs and door designs without notice.